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Problems Logging In

Are you experiencing problems logging in to or staying logged in to There are a few reasons that you may be experiencing problems. Please read the following on how to resolve them.

Be sure you are using the correct password

You can always have your password emailed to your inbox by visiting our password reminder page. It is good to do this even if you think you have the correct password, simply to make absolutely sure you are spelling it correctly and using the correct upper and lower case characters.

Clear out your cookies

When you login to, a cookie is set on your computer by our web site to indicate you are shopping and should be logged in. When you leave the site or logout, the cookies are erased.

It is a safe Internet practice to delete all your cookies on occasion. You can do this by following these directions; based on what program you are browsing the Internet:

After clearing your cookies, you should always close your Internet browser and re-open a new one. This way you always start with a clean slate after clearing cookies.

Click the Logout link when you are done shopping

It is a safe Internet practice to always log off or Logout of a web site when you are done using it, as opposed to closing your Internet browser or going to another web site. You should always click the Logout link (upper right hand corner) of our web site after you are done shopping. Your shopping cart will remain saved until you log back in.

"Cookies Not Enabled" Error

While on our login page, you may be seeing an error message in red that looks like this:

As the error states, you have to have cookies enable to login to After changing your Internet settings to allow cookies, you must click the link or close your Internet browser and open a new one.

If you have followed the above steps and continue to experience issues with logging in to, please complete our Contact Us form.
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